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Edmonton Centre Conservative Association

Support Laurie Hawn and the Edmonton Centre Conservative Association. Donate today at and help them build the base for 2015.

Kenora Conservative Association

Support Greg Rickford and the Kenora Conservative Association! Find the Kenora Conservative association website, social media, and links to donate or subscribe.

Kingston and the Islands Conservative Association

Help defeat Ted Who and the liberal party in the federal electoral riding of Kingston and the Islands! Find links to donate online, sign up for news and events and support the Kingston and the Islands Conservative Association today!

Northwest Territories Conservative Association

Help Defeat Dennis Bevington and the NDP in the Northwest Territories. Support the Western Arctic Conservative Association with an online donation today!

Ottawa Centre Conservative Association

Help defeat Paul Dewar and the NDP in Ottawa Centre! Support the Ottawa Centre Conservative Association, downtown Ottawa’s favorite Tories!

Ottawa-Vanier Conservative Association

Help defeat Mauril Bélanger in the federal riding of Ottawa-Vanier Conservative Association. Contact the association at

Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Conservative Association

Support Cheryl Gallant and the Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Conservative Association today! Make a donation, get involved, and make a difference in the Ottawa Valley!

Thunder Bay-Superior North Conservative Association

Help defeat Bruce Hyer in the federal conservative riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North. Donate, volunteer, or join the Thunder Bay-Superior North Conservative Association today!

Timmins-James Bay Conservative Association

Help defeat Charlie Angus and the NDP in Northern Ontario! Angus is one of 2 NDP MPs who kept the long gun registry around for 2 extra years! Charlie Angus lied and said he would vote to scrap it. That is just the start! Do you know what else Charlie Angus said?!?! Find out at

Toronto—St. Paul’s Conservative Association

Stand up for St. Paul’s! Volunteer with the St. Paul’s Conservative Association. With your support Carolyn Bennett can be replaced with a Conservative Member of Parliament. Learn more about how you can contribute today at

Yukon Conservative Association

Join or donate to the Yukon Conservative Association  and support our Conservative Member of Parliamnt Ryan Leef

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