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McGill University Conservative Association

The McGill University Conservative Association, also known on campus as Conservative McGill, is the official arm of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) in the McGill community. We are recognized as a Conservative campus organization pursuant to By-Law 2 of the CPC Constitution, and are an active member of the Conservative Party National Campus Network. Our association operates at McGill as a student group of the SSMU (Students’ Society of McGill University).

Conservative Concordia

We are Conservative Concordia, a student club regrouping members of the Conservative Party of Canada.

If you love the ideas of small government and low taxes, the Conservative Party is your political home! Here are our values:
  • Limited, constitutional government.
  • Free markets and free enterprise, private ownership and personal responsibility.
  • Equality before the law and a justice system that holds everyone equally accountable, that punishes criminal offenders and that protects the law-abiding.
  • Foreign policy that advances and supports freedom and democracy around the world.
  • Responsible, fact-based stewardship of the environment.
  • Intrinsic value of all human life.
  • Institutions of marriage and the family as the essential building blocks of a free, prosperous and democratic society.
What do we do in our spare time? Informing students about their right to opt-out of some organisations they automatically fund, working to get our ideas getting into policies, having some pubnights and watching James Moore’s favorite movie (Braveheart)!
As a Conservative Concordia member, you will get the opportunity to network with many Conservatives from around the country, including fellow students!  If you enjoy classy events in business suits, you might meet ministers, senators and Members of Parliament in an event!
If this sounds as awesome for you as it is for us, join our club!
Want more information? Stay tuned for future announcements or contact us directly at
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