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Frederic Nzeyimana


Frederic Nzeyimana is presently a member of the Scarborough-Guildwood riding Association where he has volunteered as a board member for the 7 years. .

Sustaining Donor and partner of the Conservative Party of Canada

Frederic Nzeyimana came to Canada in 1993 as a foreign student and completed a masters’ of Anthropology at the University of Montreal. In August 2002, Frederic moved to Toronto with his family and joined the Conservative Party of Canada and volunteered as a Community relations council of the Greater Toronto Area

Volunteer involvement with the Conservative party since 2003.

We (me and my wife) took the decision to join the Conservative Party since 2003 after realizing that our values were the same as those supported by the Conservative Party (Fairness, Merit principles, working families, Honesty, playing by rules, and succeeding by working hard and smart). At that time I was a College Advisor/Counselor at the Boreal French College, where my wife was pursuing a diploma as a Legal Assistant. Like many Liberal institutions, this College was just exploiting francophone Immigrants (most of them from Africa and Haiti) by having them in class to fill the statistics and claim money from the Government, and not teaching them since they were not qualified to pursue learning at this level. This experience confirmed us that somehow somewhere Canada was not different than some other un-developed countries in terms of human being exploitation and unfairness.

Support to Conservatives candidates

2003: Don Valley East, Elections 2003: Eugene Dermot
2004: Conservative Community Relation Council, CRC
2005: ScarboroughGuildwood, Elections 2005:Federal, Chuck Konkel
2007; Scarborough Guildwood, Provincial Candidate, Gary Grant
2011: ScarboroughGuildwood, Federal Candidate, Chuck Konkel
2011: ScarboroughGuildwood: Provincial candidate, Gary Ellis
2014-2015: Scarborough Guildwood: provincial Candidate Ken Kirupa

Occupation: Employment Specialist/Coach and facilitator.

Frederic Nzeyimana is presently employed as Workforce Specialist and Job developer by JVS Toronto, a not-for-profit agency with a mandate to help immigrants to find full time employment in Canada, preferably within their chosen fields of expertise. As such, he sees firsthand the obstacles facing newcomers to Canada, and has spent much time developing methodologies and techniques with which to help people overcome these difficulties and begin the process of integration into their new home. Hisprior experiences as an immigrant to Canada, and as an Educator both in Canada and in my country of birth, have given him profound insight into the ways newcomers attempt to integrate into their new society and where people typically succeed and fail.

Experienced educator and newcomer advocate, he was appointed on the Ontario Provincial parent Board, effective august 2007, by actual Premier Minister Kathleen WYNNE, to participate in the development of a new policy and advise the Ministry on how to increase parent involvement in children’s education in Ontario.
As a consultant and researcher, he has been retained by various agencies to make presentations and develop tools that will assist newcomers in providing with meaningful direction leading to an effective integration in Canada.
He takes pride in being involved in the community, and is enthusiastic about serving the Conservative Party of Canada in Scarborough-Guildwood

Support letter from Chuck Konkel

On March 14th 2013, Chuck Konkel wrote the following letter to support the nomination of Frederic Nzeyimana for the PaulYuzykAward for Multiculturalism

To whom it may Concern

I would am very honoured to nominate Mr. Frederic Nzeyimana for the Paul Yuzyk Award for 2013.
In my capacity as a very active community organizer in Scarborough, I have known Frederic for more than seven years. His contributions are legionary.
A highly educated and bilingual Afro Canadian he transcends the boundaries of race, creed and nationality by treating all new comers to Canada like family. His work in the settlement of newcomers in the fields of education and housing for both the Provincial Ministry and Toronto Board of Education has enabled more than 600 newcomers and their families to truly call Canada their home. That is equal to the size of an Canadian town!
His African heritage is apparent in everything he does, from his music, to his volunteer work to his advocacy for those who have no voice. He blends these effortlessly into a Canada that he projects for all to see; a Canada that is kind, patient, tolerant and fair.

Frederic has conducted 65 workshops promoting parental engagement in the educational system. He and his family know from personal experience what it is like to be a stranger in a foreign land and he assists so many to overcome the fear and trepidation of being new and different. The workshops are based on articulate analysis of the themes of Canada and what it means to be a citizen.
Frederic does this by being himself, a multicultural Canadian who is proud of his heritage and roots; both African and Canadian. He is the good neighbour to all that we eulogise in our pronouncements about the Canada we want to be.
He is a musician and artist, an extremely articulate Franco Ontarian and a person committed to making Canada a better place for all of us.
If multiculturalism has a soul it is Frederic.

Thank you
Chuck Konkel
Chuck Konkel

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