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Tom Kmiec

Tom Kmiec and his wife Evangeline live and work in Calgary. They are proud parents to two young children, Max and Jolie. Tom was born in Poland and his family fled communism in the early 1980s. He understands how fortunate we are to live in Canada and the great opportunity each of us enjoys because we live in a free and democratic country.

Tom has been involved in politics from an early age. First joining the conservatives in Quebec, he would eventually go to Ottawa to work for the conservatives in opposition. He has several years of experience working for provincial and federal ministers including working for Jason Kenney at immigration as well as for the Minister of National Defense.

After his work in conservative politics, Tom joined the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and worked with hundreds of business owners helping them solve their problems and connect them to like-minded entrepreneurs. Tom now works as a director with the Alberta human resources association.

University of Calgary Campus Conservatives

The University of Calgary Campus Conservative Association strives to bring truth and morality to Canadian politics, to provide for and promote the general principles and platforms of the Conservative Party of Canada, and to secure the presence of the party at the University of Calgary.

We are dedicated to the right-wing cause on campus.

An annual membership is $5 – members will be invited to several social events, enjoy opportunities to get involved with provincial and federal political boards, meet and mingle with elected officials from all levels of government, network with conservative students and movers and shakers in the city, and take part in spreading conservative values on campus.

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